Online Flea Market | Custom T-shirts

Learn the Top 5 Sites to get and sell custom made t-shirts online.

On the lookout for sites where buyers and sellers can meet and also sometimes negotiate prices. Below we’ll take you through a list of the top 5 online websites where you can purchase new and used customized items.

In no specific order, these are the Top 5 websites which you can go to buy and sell your old clothes. I Have used each of these sites to sell habit t-shirts and also to buy items that I might have needed. They are excellent for selling your things but I always recommend getting your own website. Learn how to build your site .

Online Flea Market

EBay –  is a Position I do not think will be moving anywhere anytime soon. It can sometimes be tough getting your items seen but there are no worries because many shoppers are bargain hunters and will probably use the filters to find the cheapest prices. Listing an item here is as simple as it gets, so you can obtain an item available in under 5 minutes. EBay does not want you to obtain any traffic back to your own website so they won’t allow you to post videos, links, pictures with your website etc.. They won’t even allow you to share your email with clients. Nonetheless, it’s an excellent spot to get a few sells and buy things that you will need.

Amazon – If you havent seen by now Amazon is your King of internet shopping nowadays. Selling on Amazon is more difficult then eBay but in the event that you’re able to ever get set up you need to be given a good quantity of traffic.

Craigslist – Even though it feels like craigslist is dying because of additional sites like facebook Marketplace and now Craigslist trying to charge you to record on certain categories. List on craigslist use to be good for Seo also until they started removing the backlinks. If you’re interested in finding a local place to find gear then craigslist will always be a go-to location within my book.

Facebook Market Place – Facebook marketplace is fairly new and I always still appear to forget about it but they’ve been picking up recently. Another cool thing is that you get to find out that you are interacting with before you meet up to make a buy or market, unlike Craigslist.

Etsy – If you are selling any crafts or anything habit Then Etsy is where to be.