Digital picture mosaic

All of us have a lot of photos. Picture Mosaic is one image or photo literally from your memories. It can be a portrait or best ever moment of your life made of … hundreds photos you would love to see the same time and that was impossible before.

Picture Mosaic is great for business too! You may have your logo or trademark created from your customers photos or from products you offer. That is great for your office décor or for any special event.

Digital Picture Mosaic let you make final decision how you want print it out when you’ll be ready!

mosaic64 mosaic_-_house

  • One price for any size
  • Safe and easy to create
  • NO any HIDDEN costs!
Size Quantity Price
16″ x 12″ 1 $ 49.99
24″ x 18″ 1 $ 49.99
36″ x 24″ 1 $ 49.99
48″ x 36″ 1 $ 49.99