Vinyl and Screen Printing

Our company offers different options and use a wide range of technologies to print custom t-shirts, hoodies, caps and other products. Just recently we added vinyl graphic equipment. And let us explain what does that mean for our clients and what is the difference between vinyl and screen printing. Disclaimer: either technologies guarantee quality and long lasting printing.

1. Size (of order) does matter 🙂
Vinyl printing is a perfect solution for small size orders (less than 12 t-shirts) due to the minimal equipment set-up time although it still requires individual preparing for each t-shirt.
Screen printing is optimal technic for big orders (from 24 t-shirts) due to the longer time for equipment preparing. But: once setup is finished actual time of printing on every shirt is much less than with vinyl printing.
2. Image quality
Vinyl printing is an ideal solution for the basic graphic – like text and/or simple shapes. In other words – Vinyl is perfect for team’s jerseys or t-shirts with number and name, but it is not a good choice for t-shirt with your favourite photo.
So perfect solutions for printing highly detailed, a colourful image you better choose Screen printing.
3. Lifespan
Either Vinyl and Screen Printing technics provide comparable lifespan and can last years with a customer following normal recommendations for garment washing and drying.
Please avoid dry cleaning, DO NOT bleach, wash your t-shirts with warm (NOT hot) water with mild detergent.